Friday, October 10, 2008


i thought this was the cutest idea. the people that sit with her at lunch set up the table outside with pink and green as you can see. what the girls are wearing is what the field hockey team this year got in the spirit packs. See if i didn't have to move to Alexandria i'd own one of those but NO i don't go to FC anymore. :( i mean.... not that i'm bitter or anything.....

but at any rate. she was very surprised and happy happy happy b-day to you Bethany :]


Midnight Madras said...

Oh, look how cute you girls are! I adore those rubgys!!!! I wish my friends would throw me a pink and green birthday party...maybe for my 40th, which is closer than I care to admit.

Little Bow Prep said...

I came across your blog somehow. It's rather adorable.

I see you live in Alexandria. I go to school in Alexandria.

The pink and green birthday party is just too cute! Your spirit packs are quite fab.