Sunday, December 7, 2008


yeah i haven't been on here in over a month. and i really don't have a good excuse for it. i'm online everyday but i just got lazy so i'm sorry. I'M NOT DEAD. lol just in case you were wondering.

so i think i already put my christmas list up here but i've revised it and i like this one better anyway.

American Eagle
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American Living (Jc Penny)
American Living Striped Rugby ShirtAmerican Living 'Reid' Bow-Tie PumpAmerican Living Crewneck Sweater with Horse

Hollister Co.

Our pique headband is an easy and sporty accessory for any season.Lacoste Short Sleeve Stretch Piqué PoloLacoste Long Sleeve Ribbed Polo(in red)

product imageOR product image

i don't know which color to choose. it'd be great to have both!

How is everyone? i haven't talked to any of you in a while